Best days one can ever have during schooling are those without HomeWorks and assignments. Students attend their teachers throughout the class and deep inside their heart, they keep on praying for not getting any home assignments. At the end of the class, their dreams shattered by a sentence “this will be your Home Work” and everything fades away; turning all smiles and laughter into sadness. The last word students want to hear in a school is home work. They enjoy their stay at school happily till the time home assignments are announced.

Different opinions prevail regarding home works and assignments. For some, it is very healthy activity and for some it is just a wastage of time. Some think of it as a creative activity while other think that the same time can be invested in some other activities. Subject of “Home Work” have pros and cons. Lets have a look on them.


Homework in school no doubt, develops habit of practice amongst students. When they repeat the same task they already had at school, makes them perfect. They learn it easily as they go through it at least twice. Repetition makes their concepts very clear and get a better idea of what they learned during their stay at school.

Home work equally involves parents with their children. This makes the parents equally informed about their kids’ education. They get to know what all is happening in their children’s day at school. They get to know about the curriculum, which their school is following. They make a clear idea of quality and quantity of education, which a school is producing. This helps in better education of their children and moreover assist the schools in getting proper feedback from parents.

Above all, home work teaches students how to manage their time. They efficiently plan their play time while adjusting their selves at the same time with their home work. Home work makes students realize the importance of time management. They practically experience it and develop this habit in their personality; which remains useful through out their life. Home work enhances their prob solving skills and improves their independent thinking.

Home work links teachers, students, parent and the school with each other. Every tentacle gets interacted with each other through these home assignments. Every one gets to know each other very finely. When parents see their children struggling, they get to know what material the school, is imparting on the students.

School classes are not merely enough to learn the concept and subjects thoroughly. Home work provides more time for learning the concepts. When Students spend some time at their home on the same concept, they learned at school; they get a better concept.

Homework reduces screen time of the children. Nowadays, kids are very fond of watching tv and using tablets, laptops, smart phone etc. this habit is curtailed fairly by home work. Students have got no time for screens. All they have to is home work.


Home work reduces play time for the students. When they get back to their homes after spending a tedious day at school, they again find their selves stuck in home work. They mentally get disturbed as they have got no time to play or have a physical activity. They don’t want to only train their minds. They also want to have a sound physical body.

Home work is not a healthy activity of every home. Each home has its own environment. In some homes, parents do not take part in home works. That’s the point where children start losing interest in study and gets lag in everything. Just because of this home work, he starts hating education and also loses interest at school time.

Home work has never been found providing good results in students education. A lot of surveys have been done that anything home work has ever created is; the negative attitude towards schooling. Home work doesn’t improve grades; even a student who never does home work, gets the first position in his/her class. Quality education should be given priority over extra time education.


Pros and cons regarding home work stands good in their own ways. Often parents and teachers get stuck with each other while students become prey of this situation and are left with zero concepts. The answer to the question “whether students should have home assignments or not?” is not simple. Goal should be to make students successful.


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